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Name/Age/Location: Grace//14//minnesota
Hobbies: piano, photography, computing, painting, reading, watching movies, dancing, tennis, biking, concerts, jammin' to music, hanging out, designing clothes, visiting thrift stores, hm. i think thats all.
Ons: sense of humor, music taste, supper skinny, supper tall, big eyes, nice smile, great personality, sincere, good-listner and smart.
Offs: to talkative, controlling, HUGE t-shirts, and being insensitive.
Favorite Thing About Yourself: my eyes and lips.
Thing You Hate About Yourself:my stomach
Favorite Color: Scarlet Red, and Sapphire Blue
Favorite Bands: Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Weezer, Jets to Brazil, The Postal Service, Snow Patrol, Green Day, The Stills, Vendetta Red, Denalie, &more..
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yes. adorable.

but this community is kind of dead.. i'm sorry i'm probably the only one who votes. lol.
yes. :) pretty pretty pretty
Yesh..that polka dotted dress is awsome. I love your style. Your beautiful.
I was kinda inbetween yes and no, sorry.
I like your hair!